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The Story Behind My Eyes

“There comes a time when the world seems so meaningless, when one has exhausted its resources, when we turn a blind eye to humanity. This is when one feels they have reached what is called rock bottom.”


God, love, humility, and music. These words conduct what I call my life now. Just as the quote says, I too have reached a point like this. This does not necessarily all have to be physical, but also emotional. Many times in life I have reached a time where I truly have not believed in my own self. Let me tell you the story.


It all started with a dream, not my dream, but the dream that a father had for his neglected, shy, low-self-esteem daughter. He saw what no one else saw in her, the desire in her eyes to be something more. 


At the age of 3 years old, I was in the midst of not seeing another day. I was diagnosed with a rare blood disease. Who could think that at such a tender age, a girl could already go through so much pain? With treatment at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto and donations that were collected, my life was saved. God spared my life, through the kindness of others. I hope to one day repay this debt, by serving Him.


As the years passed, I found the love I had for music. I remember the Christmas I got my very own Karaoke machine from my parents. My father was the first one to believe in my talent. He saw that singing and performing in front of people put a genuine smile on my face.

At the age of 5, by fluke I was selected to be part of a singing competition in El Mercado Latino, Toronto. This is where I fell in love with being on stage. I think back, at such a young age how could I have been so sure? It was destined to be. I was destined to sing and be onstage for a purpose.


Years after I sang in church almost every Saturday, worshipping God’s name. When I was 9 years old I recorded my first Christian album called “Yo te Amo”. With this album I toured Ontario and the United states. Following this testimonial is a list of all the events that I performed at or was a part of during my career.


When I was 10 years old, I was introduced to the Queen of Tejano – Selena Quintanilla, and instantly I was inspired. I remember watching her movie every single day that my parents got annoyed. I think I could probably replay the entire thing in my head by now. Her story is truly one of the main reasons why I am who I am today. Selena inspired me to be anything I wanted to be, “when I’m on stage, I feel like I can be anyone I wanna be”. This line I carry with me every day, because no one can tell me who I ought to be, but instead I can choose who I want to be. Being onstage singing her songs felt like I was connected to her. People see similarities between Selena and me, because when I’m onstage I feel like I am re-living the moments with her. Her heart was so big, and she loved her family, friends, husband and fans unconditionally. Selena will always be the Queen, and I hope to one day accomplish even a small percentage of what she did.


The biggest highlight of my life was when I created the charity “Jump Start A life”. This organization is one I hold very close to my heart because I found it as a way to give back to my community and create a movement. Jump Start a life is an organization that raises funds towards people with Leukemia. It was inspired by a little girl named Demi-Marie who was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 5 years old. We created a concert with many local artists to raise funds to support her treatment. Our organization went school to school, in the Niagara Region, bringing this concert to raise awareness and to help others with Leukemia as well.


Recently my main accomplishments have been travelling to Miami, Florida, performing at the TLIA (Toronto Latin industry awards), and opening act for Maluma (the rest of the events on the list).


So what does the future hold for me? That’s a question I ask myself every day. I am looking forward to this year 2015, where I am organizing a South American Tour with Infinity Production and Events along with TMMT MANAGEMENT GROUP, starting in Ecuador, then in Colombia, Dominican Republic, Cuba and many more. While on tour I hope to visit hospitals in each country, so I can be with children, youth, and anyone diagnosed with Leukemia to give them hope. I was saved and I found something that I was passionate about. No one should ever give up on their dreams. Fulfilling our dreams is what we live for. I want to motivate others, share my story, and most of all spread unconditional love.


My musical career has developed greatly in many ways, and I am so thankful to all who support me, from day 1 and until now. Even the new fans, I hope to make you proud. Through the tough moments I have faced with my family, God and music has really been the only thing that has kept us going. Music is what we share as a family. We venture through life together; yesterday, today and always.


- Tatyana